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CarboSynUSA is a privately held biotechnology company specializing in the synthesis, analysis, and manufacture of carbohydrates and nucleosides. We provide research communities with hundreds of unique catalog products, including monosaccharide derivatives, enzyme substrates, oligosaccharides, glyco amino acids, glycopeptides, carbohydrates with functionalized linker/spacers, and a wide variety of synthetic nucleosides.

CarboSynUSA is highly active in multistep custom synthesis and contract research. The company has a team of experts with extensive experience and expertise in carbohydrate and nucleoside, enabling us to provide clients with in-time and cost-effective solutions to their carbohydrate and nucleoside requirements for biopharmaceutical, therapeutic, diagnostic, and research applications.

At CarboSynUSA, we also offer a range of natural products isolated from traditional herb medicines. These products are usually structure-unique, and highly effective for a broad range of diseases.

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